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FFL Home

for home based FFLs
$19per month
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for small retail FFLs
$49per month
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Electronic Bound Book

ATF ruling 2016-1 compliant VIEW cloud based A&D book that only has you acquire a firearm (bar code and SKU scanning support).  All other records and forms are automated through the retail sales process.

Automated 4473

ATF ruling 2016-2 compliant VIEW electronic 4473 that retrieves values from the electronic A&D book and writes the disposition automatically as part of the retail sales process.

Kiosk Mode

Turn any computer, laptop or tablet into a locked kiosk input device with digital signature support NEW for retail customers to fill out paperwork without giving them access to the entire system.

Integrated Background Check

Run Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) background checks from within FFL Boss and auto populate fields on the electronic 4473.

Multiple Sales Reporting

Report for Multiple Sale of Pistols and Revolvers as well as Certain Rifles in border states are automatically generated during qualifying multiple sale transactions. 

Employee Activity Monitor

Allows owners and managers to review activity of any user on the account as well as restrict access to certain features for non-management employees.

NFA Reservation System

Places NFA items in a reserved status which does not allow them to be disposed or placed on multiple forms until a tax stamp is approved, automates the Form 2, 3 and 4.

Digital Signatures

Sign any signature line on ATF forms in your browser, for example, Fields 14, 22 and 34 on the 4473, no signature pad or signature device needed.

Pawn Module

An add-on for Pawn Brokers that allows acquisitions and dispositions to be associated with pawn ticket numbers and inventory locations within a pawn shop.

Bar-code Scanning

Support for wired and wireless bar-code scanners with an internal and editable SKU system, SKU lookup and auto-fill of firearm’s values during acquisitions.

FFL Search and Lookup

Search the entire database of Federal Firearms License Dealers updated directly from the ATF for a FFL’s latest License Number, Expiration Date and Address.

Sequential Serial System

Acquire or Dispose any number of sequential serial numbers at one time. The system supports dropping or adding missing serial numbers to any sequence.

FFL Boss runs in the cloud, there is no software to download or setup. FFL Boss works on Windows, Macs, iPads, ChromeOS, Tablets or any internet connected device. 

FFL Boss is ATF ruling 2016-1ATF ruling 2016-2ATF ruling 2016-3ATF ruling 2016-4 and ATF ruling 2016-5 compliant.  Your data is backed up daily to protect from any data loss.

FFL Boss was developed and is managed by three FFL Dealers. Our servers, customer service, software developers and all employees are 100% based in the USA.

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All plans come with free support and daily backups to our US based servers.

FFL Home

$19per month
  • 3 Bound Books
  • 1 User
  • 45 Acquisitions per month
  • 45 Disposition per month
  • 45 Background Checks per month
  • $25 per month for NFA Module
  • 7 Day Trial for $1

FFL Plus

$49per month
  • Unlimited Bound Books
  • Up to 4 Users
  • Unlimited Acquisitions per month
  • Unlimited Disposition per month
  • Unlimited Background Checks per month
  • $25 per month for NFA Module
  • 7 Day Trial for $1


$99per month
  • Unlimited Bound Books
  • Up to 8 Users
  • Unlimited Acquisitions per month
  • Unlimited Disposition per month
  • Unlimited Background Checks per month
  • Unlimited NFA Forms & Reservations
  • 7 Day Trial for $1

Pawn module is $15 per month, NFA module is $25 per month (free with FFL Pro), additional user accounts are available for $10 per month.

There are no contracts with FFL Boss, cancel at any time. We have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with our service.

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What do FFLs say about FFL Boss?

“The user interface is easy to use from beginning to end. Customer service is on point and they are a pleasure to do business with. Keep up the great work!”


“The TAD software was a lifesaver for me and the support is unmatched. I was having some issue getting everything loaded and working and they walked me through the entire process. I am very happy with the product and service.”

Bill P., Great Lakes CPL Training

“So much easier than keeping everything by hand! And all readable too. I am a small dealer and won’t be without it again!”

Rick K., Kipfmiller Ricky Chester Arms

“I have been really impressed with the level of support from Bryan and his team of programmers. Communication is on point, anytime a problem arises they are quick to respond and work on the issue. They have implemented a number of our suggestions in the past couple months and I look forward to the continued evolution of their platform. As a customer, it is great to work with a company that actually listens to feedback and promptly gets it done. Keep it up guys-”

Mike G., Ventura Munitions

“This software is great!  It is easy to use and for the most part can be modified to fir your business needs! The customer service is great as well.  Anytime I have had issues, the owner himself has called and corrected the problems!  Thank you for all the help.  We as a business will continue to use your software!!! This is highly recommended program for any and all FFL holders.”

Athena F., Perfect Pawn

“Bryan and FFL Boss have been great. As my business is growing and my needs for the software are adapting, Bryan has listened to my complaints and recommendations to help improve the software. For anyone in a FFL position this software is great and the updates to come will help make it the best software on the market.”

Randy M., Artisan Gunsmithing and Firearms

“This software is great! Acquisitions, dispositions, customers and e4473 makes it so easy. Look forward to everything still to come and have the opportunity to grow my business with this software!”

Nathan S., Express Firearms

“The best FFL bound book software on the market! Amazing product and the customer support is top notch!”

Taylor P., Arky Armory

“Great Bound Book option, as a small shop the Home level account is all that need and it is perfect. The support from Bryan has been top notch. Software loads fast and is as user friendly as it gets. Has made life much easier.”

Jason T., Tumbleson Arms Co.

“Just went through the live demo and they have a really great program!!”

Casey C., Coats Guns

“My shop is fairly low volume and focused on silencer sales/transfers, and custom work. I had been keeping paper records for almost 3 years prior to using FFLboss. At the very start, I was a little slow using it, but to be clear I am not an overly techy guy. Now that I have gotten used to using it, I can definitely see a savings in time processing things. The time it is saving me easily pays for the service. One thing that I like the most is that I don’t have to keep shuffling through a bound book to log something out. I just go in my FFLboss dashboard everything is right there at my fingertips and found in seconds. Be it customer information, identification info for a specific acquisition, or another dealer’s information, it is all right there. Also, if you have an internet connection and have your login credentials, you always have your records with you. I haven’t gotten into the NFA form processing part of it yet, but I am looking forward to it. It has to better than writing all of this stuff out in duplicate! Thanks Bryan!”

Anthony H., Evlutionz LLC