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Sturgis, SD.—Cor-bon / Glaser Products Inc. is pleased to announce that it has endorsed FFL Boss by TAD Software as their preferred software for firearms dealers.

“We want the firearms dealers we work with to use the very best tools for ATF compliance as well as digital automation,” said Pete Pi Jr, VP.  “The value of FFL Boss and what they bring to the table for firearms dealers is quite unique.”

FFL Boss provides firearm dealers with a feature rich, easy to use work flow, cloud based software that minimizes time spent filling out paperwork and maximizes compliance with ATF regulations.  Minimizing paperwork has the added benefit of also minimizing human error, which saves time and money.  FFL Boss has a full set of features for any size firearm dealer.

  • Electronic Bound Book – An automated cloud based A&D book that only has the dealer acquire a firearm.  All other records and forms are created through the normal retail sales process utilizing automation.
  • Automated 4473 – An electronic 4473 that retrieves values from the electronic A&D book and writes the disposition automatically.
  • Kiosk Mode – Turn any computer, laptop or tablet into an input device for retail customers to fill out paperwork without giving them access to the entire system.
  • Integrated LEEP Background Checks – Run Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) background checks from within FFL Boss and auto populate fields on the electronic 4473.
  • Multiple Sales Reporting – Report of Multiple Sale of Pistols and Revolvers as well as Certain Rifles in border states are automatically generated during qualifying multiple sale transactions.
  • NFA Reservation System – Reserves NFA items which does not allow them to be disposed of or placed on multiple forms until tax stamp is approved and automates the ATF Form 3 and 4.
  • Pawn Module – An add-on for Pawn Brokers that allows acquisitions and dispositions to be associated with pawn ticket numbers and inventory locations within a pawn shop.
  • Employee Activity Monitor – Allows owners and managers to review all activity of any user on the account as well as restrict access to certain features for non-management employees.
  • The service pays for itself – A dealer that sells more than five firearms per month will save money through time savings (see calculator at to find estimated savings) by automation of forms and paperwork, there is also a discounted plan for home based FFLs.

“As firearms dealers ourselves, we are thrilled to see industry leaders like Cor-bon / Glaser Products Inc. collaborate with us in creating the best software for all firearms dealers,” said Bryan Kowacich, CEO of TAD Software. “Our industry is growing and regulations are becoming more stringent. The ATF has recently authorized cloud based solutions for the firearms industry and we are the forefront in digitizing and streamlining the firearms industry. FFL Boss helps to improve efficiency and effectiveness that enable retailers to focus on selling products and building their businesses.”


About Cor-bon / Glaser Products Inc.
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About TAD Software
TAD Software was founded in 2011 by a firearm dealer that failed an ATF audit due to simple paperwork errors and could not find quality software to manage the A&D book.  TAD Software is a US based software development company focused on the firearms industry and is managed by three FFLs that deal in NFA items. TAD Software’s customer service, software developers and employees are 100% based in the USA. For more information about FFL Boss visit

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