What’s in the pipeline for Gun Software?

TAD Software has many things in the pipeline to be added to the software.

1. One Click Background Checks

2. Digital Signature

3. Automated ATF forms (All of them)

4. NFA forms and submission

5. efax capability

6. Manufacturing and warehousing

7. POS (Point Of Sale)

8. Direct integration with Quickbooks

9. Gunsmithing

10. So Much More To Come

Gun dealers are in a place and time when actually have a choice to use antiquated paper records or move to electronic records.  Many are still using paper records instead of electronic and are missing out on a lot of benefits of having a software do most of the work for them.  Are you one of the gun dealers that is risking the livelihood of your business to save a couple bucks a month?  Why would you place the crux of your business on something that every other business in the country has moved away from.  Paper Record Keeping…

Everyone is moving to electronic record keeping for so many reasons.  The benefits to using a quality electronic A&D software vastly outweighs the couple of dollars you save by staying with paper bound books. Gun software is popping up here and there and you need to vet the companies that are offering their products to you and you need to weigh the risks of using someone that may place you and your company at risk of being fined or shut down.


Yours Truly,

Bryan Kowacich – World Renowned Leading Expert In Firearms Software