Positive Changes for FFLs

As FFL Dealers, we have to deal with all kinds of rules and regulations and red tape.  It is annoying and a bit disappointing all at the same time.  It is completely unconstitutional to regulate the 2nd Amendment to the degree that our government has done so, yet, we are not seeing the correct rectifications being made.

This weeks blog is going to be my rant on how stupid the rules of the ATF and NFA have become.  Let’s start with ATF and the rules that we now have to follow because of mistakes that some politician made and not a mistake that firearms dealers made.  The Fast and Furious debacle was of course an epic mistake made by the Obama administration and now because of that, us FFL’s have to report multiple rifle purchases on the border states.  RIDICULOUS! And everyone knows it.

Has anyone else noticed how the ATF inspectors seem to never actually KNOW the rules or laws.  They simply state what they think the laws or rules are and run with it.  How are these new laws and regs positive changes for FFLs?  I met another FFL dealer that got slapped with fines because he “wasn’t in compliance” with some rule that his inspector mentioned and when he showed up for his hearing, he had all the evidence in tow to show that he was in fact in compliance and was following the rule PERFECTLY.  Did that matter to them?  No…  Of course not.  The ATF person that was in charge of that hearing told him that the punishment stands regardless what the rule book says.  RIDICULOUS!  And everyone knows it.

NFA rules are just as bad.  Why are suppressors even on the NFA list?  I’ll tell you…  Back in 1934, our government regulated suppressors in an attempt to curb violence amongst gang members, or so I read.  Since when has regulating anything or making anything illegal slowed or stopped violence amongst criminals???  This is an important question.  Why?  Because criminals DON’T FOLLOW LAWS.  Thus,  why they are called and labeled CRIMINALS!  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.  Why are our politicians so ignorant that they fail to see how simple this one little truth is.  NO NEW OR EXISTING LAW WILL STOP OR CURB VIOLENCE AMONGST CRIMINALS!!!  I don’t know how else to put that.

So…  Now the question is, what is being done to change the insanity?  What positive changes for FFLs are being made?  Some of you would say nothing…  I’m sure…  However, that is not the case.  I have been in contact with quite a few people in the key positions both in the ATF, FBI, and NFA and they are all of the mentality that some of the rules and regulations are in fact ridiculous and oppressive to FFL Dealers.  They know this.  They want positive changes for FFLs too. Bureaucracy is a convoluted mess of different minded people and when you are trying to get something accomplished, unless all parties agree, it is nearly impossible to do it.  That being said, there are some really great changes coming up in regards to how things are handled on the back end of both the FBI NICS section, the ATF rules, and the NFA being able to approve regulated items within minutes instead of months or even years in some cases.

This is a good thing.  This means that people who have put off purchasing some items simply because of the headache involved will be able to get their wants met within minutes.  That means way more business for us dealers and that is something to be excited about.  We all know that deregulation of almost any one thing will create better products, better services, and better prices.  That is because competition is introduced into the market.  Whether by actual production or by mere thought alone, competition is a great thing in our economy.  If you every want to mess something up really bad, hand it over to our government.  They will muck it up in a hurry.

So, in conclusion, there are some good things happening in our world of firearms that will be positive changes for FFLs but one thing that is required of us dealers is to become involved.  Make phone calls, send emails, write letters, whatever it is that you choose to do to become proactive, you have to do it!!!  This is our business industry and what we do or don’t do effects all of us very directly. In regards to the positive changes for FFLs, we have the power to make them happen and for every dealer that gets involved and contacts ATF, NFA, or FBI over some ridiculous thing they have to deal with, the chances that particular thing might get fixed, just went up.  I have included a link directly to the contact us page of the ATF.  Make a phone call or send a correspondence of some kind to let them know what changes need to be made.

I wish all of you other dealers the best in your business and remember, compliance is key, software can help you do that, and be proactive in the community in getting changes made.


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Yours Truly,

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