shotshow2015headerIf you missed Shot Show 2015, you really missed out.  There were over 55,000 people that showed up for the show and it was amazing!  We had distributors and manufacturers of all types.  There were some really cool new innovative ideas being presented and a large audience to present them to.

We, at TAD Software, spent our time at Show Show 2015 meeting with key executives in the industry to partner up with them in targeted specific ways to help design and grow our software to be bigger and better and bring us to new heights.

The firearms industry is finally coming in the digital age and we see some really great things coming down the pipeline.  The ATF is working on allowing for digital background checks more specifically in the NFA department to speed up the process of receiving NFA regulated items.  The FBI is developing servers to allow encrypted connections for background checks to make them faster and more secure.  And we are building software to handle and run all of this.

There is no greater time in our country than now and despite the attempts of some to squelch the business world, Americans are showing what they are truly made of and starting new businesses and building those businesses.  They are hiring and expanding and investing in themselves.  We are seeing some truly amazing work happen in these last couple years and more to come.

Be on the look out for our software being offered from a large number of partners.  We are on the right path and anyone who uses TAD Software will be on the forefront of the digitization of the firearms industry firsthand.  Shot Show 2015 was a great example of whats to come.

I hope everyone had a great week and I look forward to the many weeks to come.  Have a great day and talk to you next week.


Yours Truly,

Bryan Kowacich – World Renowned Leading Expert In Firearms Software